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Customer Testimonials
What do our riders and their families have to say about their experience with North Houston Horse Park?
"My daughter, Sage, 10 yrs old, started lessons a month ago and is loving every moment of it.  We have gone through every activity known to a small child.  Nothing has kept her interest more than a month or two.  Now, she wakes up reminding me that she has horseback riding lessons, like I would forget.  She lives to ride.  I think we have finally found something that Sage loves enough to get off the couch.  She is a very unselfish child and learning about horses has just fostered that trait.  It has taught her that there are other things that need love and care besides herself."  - Kathy Danner

"I have been riding under the guidance of the instructors at NHHP for nearly eleven years now, and I have seen lots of people come and go. The instructors here are concerned for the safety of the students and horses first, then teaching the basics, then encouraging their students to go as far as they can and do as much as they want. Recently, one of the riders here had a critique done by George Morris in Horse and Rinder magazine. He had nothing negative to say about the rider, only good stuff! That doesn't happen very often. The best part is that this picture was taken and submitted four years ago, and the rider has only improved since! The quality of instruction here speaks for itself, but you have to be LISTENING to receive it."-RuSue

"It is quite refreshing to find a sport in the Woodlands area that actually gives a realistic report and review upon your child's abilities. NHHP ensures that the best interests of the child are paramount. The horses are well cared for, the lessons taught efficiently and productively and the staff always friendly and welcoming. An excellent facility with many opportunities for every keen horse lover the ride, groom, show and generally feel part of the NHHP family.  Well done Mel and staff, we love you and are looking forward to many more years as clients."-The R family

"This has got to be one of the nicest horse places I have ever been at. I take English horse rideing lessons here and would never go anywhere else. The best thing about this place is that when you go out to get a horse to ride they come to you. This shows how well these horses have been cared for by others. This wonderful facility boards horses and allows you to ride your own. The trainers are wonderful and they boost your confidence so much you won't be able to believe it. They have a varity of classes all the way through beginner to expert. The classes are small about 4-7 people per class. This facility trains all ages from 3-85. I really hope you will give this place the chance it deserves. You will NOT be disappointed!"-Karen

"This facility offers premium coaching for all riding levels and all age groups. NHHP staffs several coaches for different level riders. Coach Kelly, who I started training with at age 6, teaches great basics that will enable riders to succeed at higher levels. Coach Carli, top grand prix competitor, educates the more advanced clients on technical aspects of the sport. Carli has trained on an international level and has the experience to produce top riders. Most importantly Mel, Carli, Kelly, and Tammy are all very invested in their students and genuinely care about each client's needs. The time, energy, and effort these coaches give their students is exhibited by the success and happiness of their clientele."-Avery H.

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